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Delivering tangible results for YOUR businesses across  Europe.
Services such as:
Strategy & Analysis Advice

Before starting the design development, we first analyze the current position thoroughly. These results a solid instruction, on which communication strategy to follow but also which design strategy to build.

Visual identity

Designing a visual identity for businesses and organizations, based on a systematic analysis and a well-defined strategy.

  • Logo
  • Color use
  • Typography
  • Photography
  • Graphic style
Verbal identity

The creation of a brand name is often the first step in the process of building a brand. It’s the core of the verbal identity that can be designed in different corporate contexts.

  • Corporate name
  • Business unit name
  • Product name
  • Family / product line & baselines / slogans
Communication Identity

The appearance of your organization is often critical to make a good impression. Not only Logos, corporate identity ... but also documents or signs are submissions of vital importance.

  • Stationary (letterhead, business card)
  • Internal documents (report, memo)
  • Printed communication (brochure, folder)
  • Digital communication (website)
  • Way finding and signage (external and internal signs, vehicles)
Creation of information Related widgets

Design & Creation of the information allows us to understand them better and faster. This is of course very important considering the information overload that reaches us daily through different communication networks. The user is our main focus where information design is concerned. We can help you with:

  • – Form design
  • – Information mapping
  • – Map and route plan design
  • – Info graphics
  • – Way finding: sign and orientation systems
  • – Proposal design
  • – User interface design

Promotion of YOUR products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media.

Blog or Basic Website

Informal /conversational style website

Moderator will  receive Comment by email, Pictures’ Gallery and Search  content option

– 5 Main  pages

– 5 copyrighted images

– Comment or Notification  widgets

– Digital logo.

– 1 Year Free Web hosting.

– Reporting your page traffic via portal or email

CMS Website

Authoring, Collaborating and Administrating your website.

Content Mangement System (CMS) . Add, delete images and edit text in your web site.

– Up to 8 Pages.

– Most Pages content are controllable.

– Automatic Contact Form.

– Up to 8 Copyrighted images.

– Extra Automatic Form according to Business orientation.

– Mobile friendly.

Online Shop

Selling goods and services online, on your Website . . . . . .

Ecommerce website connected for money transaction on major Credit card or bank account . . . . . . . .

– Up to 250 Shop products & goods definition .

– Up to 50 Product categories .

– Connect shop to your Bank.

– Product Search.

– Up to 10 copyrighted images .

– Shop pages  + 3 extra pages ( e.g. About, Contact, Services)

Strategy & Analysis Advice

We will design and create & you easily be able to broadcast your latest news & events afterwards. One page of your choice of:

Facebook ,Twitter,Youtube, Linkedin,Instagram, Pinterest . . . . . . . .

  • – Creating your own page (if not exist)
  • – Define all basics for  target user management.
  • – Weekly text messages/pictures/responds on 2 Months periods (atleast 8 Messages)
  • – Implement attractive  Cover/Banner design from your own product/service/logo.
  • – Suggesting best description & keywords for the Business.
  • – Reporting your page traffic via portal or email
Business Listing

We submit your website (in the relevant categories) to the 6 Popular search engines .

  • – Business Listing allows you to customize your Website.
  • – Promote your site through your WHOIS information.
  • – The essential domain name registration information.
  • – Now you can add contact information, business hours, and domains for sale, blogs, and more!
  • – Promote your website to 1.6+ million daily searchers!
Google Ranking

We closely follow google search engine guidelines to maximise your visibility in a sustainable way.

– Optimizing your Website

– Choose 5 best Keywords

– Setup your Site Map

– Register your Site Map in Google

– Define your Business Google Map Location

– Ready to get Google Review

Google Ranking & Business Listing
All as One Package
Advertising and Marketing related to web traffic

We promote your website by increasing your site visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising.

  • – PPC (pay per click) define Google campaign or Bing Ads for more traffic on your web site.
  • – Advertising in Social Media (Facebook , Twitter …)
  • – Backlinks make your Website high saturated and popular.
  • – Traffic counter  engine and place validators check on your site.
  • – Check your visibility and mobile-friendly design.
  • – Define Informatic content at Blog ,Video, Slider.
  • – Publish Web content in social Media & Web .

Our print service is designed to guide you through the selection process so that you can choose the right paper type and weight for your flyers, leaflets, posters or Business cards. And, if you need more help, our customer service is highly qualified and happy to provide expert advice.









Expert in Commercial Photography in-house or in your place :

Architectural photography has a wide range of usage, in different areas and benefits such as following uses:

Selling properties

– Commercial shoots for hotels and other venues

– Documenting building projects for owners

– Selling design concepts

– Capturing images for company websites

Half Day Collection

Including one available photographer for up to 4 hours, included set design time and preparations.

– 4 Hours Of Coverage with 1 Photographer

– Digital post-processing (100 images)

– DVD / USB of complete high-resolution photos

– Online Gallery with private access for 1 year

Basic Full Day Collection

Including available photographer and second assistance for up to 8 hours include transport time.

– 8 Hours Of Coverage with 1 Photographer + Assistance

– Digital post-processing (200 images)

– DVD / USB of complete high-resolution photos

– Online Gallery with private access for 1 year

We do excellent high-quality results product Photography

Flat Surface Photography, Live Models' Photoshoots and Invisible Mannequin provide . . . . .
by different Techniques such as :

– Ultra White Background Shots

– Transparent backgrounds

– Mirrored reflections

– Drop shadows

– Invisible Human clothing shots

– Customised Advertising Photography

Small Product Packshots


–  1meter x 1meter  white lightbox.

– Regular retouching & Processed images .

– Online Gallery  for 3 months

Invisible Mannequin


–  Required Mannequin provide by you

– Regular retouching & resizing

– Online Gallery  for 3 months

Presented by Model


– Model Provide by you .

– Regular retouching & resizing

– Online Gallery  for 3 months

We setting up a Studio on your Site less than 30 Minutes.

For any corporate photography:

– Personel photography

– Editorial use

– Print or catalog advertising

– Website

– Large display prints

– Corporate Internal use

HASTY Session

If some project comes up and you need a short notice photography session . This collection may is fit perfect to your situation.

  • – 2 Hours Of Coverage with 1 Photographer
  • – Digital post-processing (up to 50 images)
  • – 10 Digital Processed images.
  • – Online Gallery with private access for 6 months
HALF DAY Collection

This is our regular collection for Corporate Photography which is the photographer attended with an assistance. They come to you for 4 hours include their transport time.

  • – 4 Hours Of Coverage with 1 Photographer
  • – Digital post-processing (up to 100 images)
  • – UP TO 30 Digital Processed images
  • – Online Gallery with private access for 1 months


We can tailor a package to suit your Photography Advertising requirements – feel free to contact us.


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